Our Objectives

  • The prime objectives of our society is to glorify the essence of Odisha and make the Odisha people in Singapore feel at home. Along with this our other objectives are:
    1. To form a non-political, secular and non-profit organization of all persons interested in Odisha and residing in Singapore.
    2. To create awareness and promote interest and activities in the understanding and promotion of the Odia art and culture.
    3. To be a resource centre for Odias in Singapore and for Odias interested in Singapore.
    4. To promote Singapore to Odias outside.
  • In furtherance of the above objects, the Society may conduct networking events, cultural programs, and art exhibitions in Singapore. Society shall also maintain a website for its members to register for various activities and also for new members to join the organisation.
  • The Society shall not engage in activities outside Singapore which are not in accordance with the laws of the foreign country.

Click here to download - Constitution of Odia Society of Singapore.

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